Who is behind EBEC?


BEST, Board of European Students of Technology, is a non-profit and non-political organisation . Since 1989 BEST has been providing communication, cooperation and exchange opportunities for students all over Europe. 97 Local BEST Groups in 34 countries are creating a growing, well-organised, young and innovative student network.

BEST Belgrade

BEST Belgrade

BEST Belgrade is one of three Local BEST Groups in Serbia and it was found in 2003. Every year, BEST Belgrade organises engineering and programming competitions, workshops and courses for students of technology. Thanks to this organisation, students can travel and meet new cultures in whole Europe, enhance their complementary education and soft skills, and gain new knowledge.

Organising Team

Dimitrije Đorđević

Main Organiser

Ivan Grbušić

Topic Coordinator

Kristina Rajić

Public Relations Coordinator

Aleksandra Ristić

Corporate Relations Coordinator

Bojan Zemljak

Logistics Coordinator