● Who can apply to participate in the EBEC competition?

The competition is for all students of technical-technological and natural-mathematical faculties of the University of Belgrade. Current or former members of the Association of European Students of Technology - Belgrade (BEST Belgrade) cannot apply for the competition.

● Who can attend the Innovation Fair?

Sajam inovacija je otvoren za sve zainteresovane. Sajam je bio održan 24. marta na Mašinskom fakultetu. 

● Who can attend the workshops?

Workshops and trainings are intended exclusively for competitors only.

● How many members can one team have?

Teams consist of 4 members.

● Are individual applications possible?

It is possible to apply individually, but also with an incomplete team (two or three team members). In that case, the organizers will put together teams of 4 members.

● Is the use of the Internet allowed during the competition?

Korišćenje interneta je dozvoljeno u kategoriji Innovative Design. Korišćenje interneta na laptop računaru je dozvoljeno u kategoriji Case Study isključivo u istraživačke svrhe.

● Do I need to bring my laptop to compete in the Case Study category?

Da, potrebno je poneti svoj laptop. Svaki tim može koristiti najviše dva laptopa tokom takmičenja u kategodiji Inovativni dizajn, a 4 u kategoriji Studija slučaja

● Is the use of mobile phones allowed?

Use of the phone is prohibited in both categories. Before the start of the competition, the competitors need to put away their mobile phones.

● Is prior knowledge required to participate in the competition?

It is not necessary. Only creativity and motivation!

● Is it necessary to leave your CV?

Yes, when submitting the application, it is necessary to leave your CV. After the project, all CVs will be forwarded to the sponsoring companies.